Owners of Spirit Marketing Sign Shop

Spirit Marketing Sign Shop

We are Steven & Denise Laake,

we make yard signs for all of Oklahoma and around the country.

Please feel free to call us anytime.


10005 E 39th St Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146 

We are near 41st St & Mingo by highway 169.

Take the 1st Street east of Mingo which is 100 E Ave

It is the 3rd street on the right from there.

Why do we care so much about our signs?

Before I got into the sign business 14 years ago I was doing a home business and needed some yard signs. I purchased them and tried them out. They worked really good so I went back later and purchased several more times. The service I received was so poor that I decided not to buy anymore signs because it was upsetting to get such bad service. So eventually I learned on my own how to make them. People just started ordering from me and next thing I know, I'm in the sign business. I never ever want to give bad service like that and I don't want you to be my competition or go somewhere else. So we really do care about doing a good job

Here are 5 things you need to know when comparing prices.

                                       1.     Make sure you compare same # of signs.

                                       2.     Single or Double Sided.

                                       3.     Make sure you compare same size of signs.

                                               (some companies advertise a very low price just to get you to look at there sites).

                                       4.     Are stakes included?  If not how much more?

                                       5.     The cost of shipping them to you, 

And remember it's always better to do business locally if possible.  Your local sign shop will work with you one on one.

And that's it for today!  I hope this helps and if you have any ?  you can always E-Mail or Call me by Phone

About Our Yard Signs:

Our Yard Signs are made out of corrugated plastic.  Compared to other forms of advertising corrugated plastic signs allows us to make cheap yard signs.  We are a small business with a big heart.  Customer service is our number 1 priority.  This is why we are able to get a 5 star rating on our Google Reviews(click here to see).  We do provide free artwork design and free consultation for those who want it.  We even have a free yard sign program for our customers.  Our goal is to strive to make the best yard signs in the industry.  Having the #1 yard signs may not be easy but it bring us great satisfaction.

Why are these signs so effective?

First of all they reach a lot of people. Let's say you put a sign in your yard or street corner. Imagine if you will for just a moment. How many vehicles drive by that location in a 24 hour period? And then let's say they drive one way and then back again the same way. So if they saw the sign the first time they may see it again the second time and it just may remind them to give you  a call. Or maybe they did not see it the first time but maybe they will on the way back. And that is just the first day. What if your sign was out for 2 days, a week or a month? The numbers just multiply an enormous amount.

Let's say you put out 10 signs in 10 different locations. Well someone may drive by one sign and think he/she needs to call but does not. Then they drive by another one of your signs and he/she is reminded to call again. 


Turn Around Time:

​Normally we have your signs ready in 2-3 business days after you approve the proofs and you paid at least a 50% deposit. The only exception to that rule is the weather. Certain levels of humidity will cause the ink to not set properly. If the temperature is below 50 degrees then the humidity is not good for silk screening. If this is the case then we must wait until it warms up to 50 degrees to make the yard signs.



All jobs are required to have a proof approved in writing or by e-mail before we start any job. If you want to approve the proof by e-mail then just click on reply and type in the word "Proof Approved". 

Proof reading is critical.. Please DO NOT just take a quick glance and approve it without paying attention to detail. Ex. spelling, layout, correct phone numbers, grammar, punctuation, color & overall design. 

​I do not give refunds or remake signs should there be an error on your proof reading. 

Under no circumstances do we allow proofs to be approved by phone or texting.


Credit Cards & PayPal:

We do not include the cost of paying by credit card in the price.  We only use PayPal for paying with credit cards. So I will send you a invoice through PayPal for you to pay your invoice.​


Pick up times:

I will either call you or e-mail you or both when your signs are ready for pick up. All orders must be picked up and paid no later than 7 days after you were notified your signs are ready. 



We can ship our signs anywhere in the United States. Shipping is extra and you will be notified in advance what the cost will be.


Bad Checks:

Should you accidently have a check not clear we will be charged a fee from our bank. You will be responsible for paying that fee. Currently that cost is $25. 


Thanks to our Customers:

​We value you as a customer, and taking care of your sign needs is our highest priority. I would like to take this time to thank you for trusting us with your business. We go to great lengths to make sure you get your product as quick as we can. We take great pride that 87% of our customers are repeat customers. If you are satisfied with our services I would like to hear back from you. Please take a very brief moment to let us know by signing in to our Guest Book, Recommend Us button or both. 

Thanks! Message sent.